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Chalice is underpinned and motivated by a single mission, with a set of unfaltering values that guide us towards fulfilling that mission.  Our vision is a future we collectively strive towards on a daily basis, and our ambition to realize that vision is as big as the rewards in achieving it.

Our Mission

Our Values

  • Consistency Throughout

We must aspire to consistently perform even the smallest of tasks perfectly, driving the sum of our output to become the defining standard that our customers deserve.


  • Consideration of our Decisions

We should encourage the self-evaluation of any decision or course of action we take, and fully consider the influence it has on our colleagues, partners and customers.


  • Collaboration with Innovation

A team effort empowers a greater degree of dynamic contribution than an individual working alone. Parallel thinking provides an alternative perspective on solving problems.


  • Responsible and Ethical Actions

Our business approach should always be conducted responsibly with the highest morals, without prejudice and with consideration of consequence and cost.

Our Vision