Chalice become Sechrist distributors

and service engineers

Chalice Medical is happy to announce its collaboration with Sechrist Industries Inc. and are now officially authorized distributors and service engineers of the Sechrist gas mixing product line.


Sechrist are a well-known and respected company, who has over 35 years of experience in developing products in the hyperbaric, respiratory and gas mixing industries. Their gas mixing product line are highly reputable and widely considered to be market leaders, largely contributed to their simple and intuitive user interface, its high quality construction, with a constant dependable and accurate performance.


Along with being able to provide brand new units, Chalice engineers are also fully trained and certified by Sechrist to service and repair existing units.


Please speak to a sales manager about the service and maintenance contracts we have available for new and existing units, and more product details can be found here in our product library.