Chalice supports Patient's Exhibition


Chalice Medical has provided support for a recovering patient’s exhibition that survived a critical illness with the help of CentriMag equipment distributed by Chalice.


“I had been critically ill on life support systems for three and a half months, while an artificial heart machine was pumping my blood as I lay in bed without a pulse” - Brian Keeley, a 50 year old man who had been critically ill and on a CentriMag life support system helped him to survive for 101 days in 2013, after suffering a cardiac arrest, kidney failure and a stroke. If it wasn’t for the medical support provided by the NHS Golden Jubilee hospital, the organ donor and the help of the equipment supplied by Chalice, Brian wouldn’t have been able to survive.


In honour and respect, Brian and his supportive wife, Bibo developed a unique project to showcase this incredible journey of Brian’s recovery using photographs, paintings and sculptures. Each photograph documents every stage of Brian’s recovery, and many of the paintings feature the medical staff to reflect the nature of their role and commitment that they endure every day. ‘The Shared Heart’ exhibition took place in June this year at the NHS Golden Jubilee Hospital where Prince of Wales visited artists Brian and Bibo Keeley. Brian’s determination and creative perspective on life is aspiring to others, and represents the positive direction of today’s technology and developments.


Click here to read the full story and for more information on the Exhibition visit here. Also, you can explore our range of products, including the CentriMag and ECLS Trolley here.