Bubble Detector



Designed and engineered by the renowned German company Gampt, the new BCC300 Bubble Detector supersedes the popular BCC200 model as the essential piece of monitoring equipment for every unit performing bypass heart surgery.


The large touch operated colour screen shows a real time graphical display and audible indication of the quantity and size of detected air embolism from each probe, while storing all the information collated, making it easily accessed after for analysis and to supplement case reports.






Bubble Detector Monitor
Bubble Detectors



Features & Benefits include:

  • The non-invasive probes are initially available in 3/8"


  • Monitor 3 separate channels simultaneously,


  • Accurately monitor flows between 0.2lpm - 10lpm,


  • Embolism detection range of between 5µ - 500µ,


  • Easily integrated in to a heart & lung machine or operated off a desktop,


Product Code: GAMPT-30310