CO2 Insufflation Devices


The CarbonAid® and CarbonMini™ are innovative Carbon dioxide insufflation devices, specifically designed to provide a controlled high flow of turbulence free CO2 in to the thoracic cavity during open heart surgery.

During surgery, the sternotomy unavoidably exposes the thoracic cavity to air and particles that can carry bacteria with them, increasing the risk of airborne contamination that leads to post-operative infections.

CO2 Insufflation

Correct CO2 insufflation with the CarbonAid and CarbonMini is proved to:


  • Provide a protective, bacteriostatic environment inside the chest that prevents microscopic particles from entering the cavity.
  • Provide a controlled and even cascade of CO2 that assists with de-airing to prevent air embolism.
CO2 Insufflation


The research and development in to the CarbonAid and CarbonMini’s unique diffuser make them technically superior to other devices on the market.

Both feature a malleable shaft to maintain position, and an innovative sponge tip that continues to deliver a laminar flow of CO2 at a sufficient rate both during and after being subjected to liquid (i.e. blood, saline).


Product Codes:
CarbonAid:   2800
CarbonMini:  1400