Haemoconcentrators are an essential component to control haemodilution and haematocrit levels during extra-corporeal bypass surgery.


Chalice’s range of haemoconcentrators accommodate all patient sizes for applications such as Convectional and Modified Ultrafiltration or Zero Balance Haemofiltration. 


Each unit offers a combination of low prime volume with a highly efficient sieving coefficient, provided by the award winning Purema® PES* high flux fibre at its core.



Available as complete bespoke sets, where user specified blood and waste lines are supplied pre-connected to aid setup.


Haemoconcentrators are a proven and cost effective device for fluid management. 


By retaining important attributes in a patient’s own blood while simultaneously removing excess plasma water, osmotic pressure and haemoglobin levels can be maintained, therefore reducing the potential for allogeneic blood transfusions.


*PUREMA® membranes are produced in a SIPS process from Polyethersulfone (PES) with Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) added for ideal balance between wettability and biocompatibility.