ParaCor Heat Exchanger

ParaCor is a new high performance heat exchanger intended for precise blood and crystalloid cardioplegia delivery.


The highly efficient device has a static priming volume of only 28ml and employs a counter current blood to water flow direction, proven to maximise heat transfer efficiency in a reduced space1,2.

ParaCor Heat Exchanger

The simple and affective fluid dynamics not only provide a low pressure drop gradient at high flows, it also makes priming the device quick and simple - a process aided further by the innovative holder that allows the device to be inverted during the de-airing procedure.

ParaCor Set

Benefits & Features include:

  • A fully transparent design allowing complete visibility throughout setup and use.


  • A 105µ filter located on the outlet to filter out solution particulates.


  • Silicone O’Ring and UV adhesive bonds are used for increased safety.


  • "Rheopak" surface coating devices and sets are available upon request.
ParaCor Cardioplegia Holder
ParaCor Performance Graph

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*Test conducted under BS EN ISO: 7199:2014 guidelines.