ParaGlide ECLS Cannula


ParaGlide are a range of coated high performance cannula with an intended use for extended applications such as ECMO.

The ParaGlide dual lumen cannula is optimised for simultaneous drainage and return from a single access point in the Jugular vein during veno-venous respiratory ECMO.


Bi-directional laminar flow is achieved by a double tube design: while the external tube takes blood from both the IVC and SVC, an independent separate internal tube returns oxygenated blood back to the right atrium.


ParaGlide Venous Femoral Cannula



ParaGlide Dual Lumen Cannula

The ParaGlide venous femoral cannula is designed to give access to the central venous system and allows efficient and controlled simultaneous drainage from the SVC, IVC and right atrium during veno-arterial ECMO.


The catheter has an implantable length of 62cm, and has been designed with a thin wall that incorporates 36 evenly spaced drainage holes. This allows for optimal venous drainage with a minimal access site.

Advantages and Features of both models include:

  • Polyurethane wrapped surgical grade stainless steel provides the reinforcement and flexibility to assist insertion and to withstand collapse from the negative pressures generated by centrifugal pumps.


  • An exclusive introducer set allows an innovative cannulation technique – providing a safer and more controlled insertion.  By dilating over the introducer, blood loss can be reduced and cannula position improved.


  • Our proprietary surface coating 'Rheopak' is applied to every cannula as standard.

ParaGlide Dual Lumen Cannula
23 Fr: XCMCDL23
27 Fr: XCMCDL27
31 Fr: XCMCDL31
ParaGlide Venous Femoral Cannula
22 Fr: XCMCPL22
24 Fr: XCMCPL24
26 Fr: XCMCPL26