Parallel Simulator


The Parallel Simulator intends to be a highly portable training system that will comprise of a small simulation hub and two separate high resolution tablet PC's.


While connected in line with a conventional circuit, the Parallel will simulate common scenarios related to ECMO and other circulatory and pulmonary therapies. 

Parallel Simulator Control
  • Programme in and recall 'favourite' common scenarios.

  • The ability to upload X-Ray images for inspection.

The Simulation hub will weigh less than 2kg, measuring only 27cm x 18cm x 13cm and will be supplied with a purpose built transport case.

Parallel Simulator
Product Code: CMSIM
  • Wireless communication will allow the trainer to be in a separate observation room to the students.

  • The design intends it to be compact and portable for easy movement and storage.

  • A function to cue up several related events to occur simultaneously.

Parallel Simulator Monitor

Support and Maintenance will be offered through a Service Contract which provides the following benefits:

    • Access to software upgrades and future developments.

    • Cleaning and reconfiguration of the simulation hub.

    • Repair or replacement of damaged/worn parts.

    • Loan of equipment during any planned or unplanned maintenance.

Terms & Conditions apply. Please speak to a Sales manager for more information.