ParaTherm Heater/Cooler


The ParaTherm is a compact and efficient heater/cooler unit which is CE marked with the intended use in connection with an oxygenator to facilitate patient thermo-regulation.


Owing to the ParaTherm's robust and sleek design, it is ideally suited for either a permanent site in an Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) or for use as a mobile device in the transportation of patients.



Power Voltage:

220 - 230 VAC, 50/60Hz

Setting range for Water temp:

15 - 39°C

Water Content:

0.5/1.0 L (min/max)

Pumping Level: 

Max 5.5 L (min/max) 0.21 bar

Cooling Time (20 - 15°C):

5 - 10 min

Warming Up Time (20 - 37°C)

5 - 10 min

Safety Cut off    

41.1 - 41.5°C


17 kg (approx.)


200 x 290 x 440 mm

ParaTherm Heater/Cooler
Product Code: CM54-00-16

Key features of the ParaTherm that make it an extremely safe & user friendly device include: 


  • A simple and precise operating system.

  • Automatic self-test facility and safety cut-off.

  • Clear display panel and quick connection sites.

  • Exceptionally quiet and environmentally friendly.

In contrast to larger traditional theatre heater/coolers, the ParaTherm benefits from employing a fully 'closed' water circulatory system. "In this type of closed heater/cooler, air born transmission of Mycobacterium chimaera could not be demonstrated" 1.

A further advantage the ParaTherm offers over the larger theatre thermo-regulatory devices is that is provides thermo-electric heating and cooling through non-fluid contact Peltier tiles. This replaces the need for harmful refrigerants or water submerged heating elements which are prone to calcification.

We also offer an extended warranty and service contract for the unit that gives a level of cover to guard against disruption to patient care. The annual agreement offers the following:


  • Electrical testing to the IEC 60601 safety standard (at least annually).

  • FOC loan equipment while a unit is being serviced.

  • All transport costs for next day delivery and collections.

  • All parts & labour for the repair of the unit or it's accessories.

  • Complete internal clean and disinfect as per manufacturers guidelines.

  • FOC replacement of hardware should it fail under normal use and cannot be repaired.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Speak to a sales manager for more information.


1) Trudzinski, F.C. , Schlotthauer, U. , Kamp, A. , Hennemann, K , Muellenbach, R.M. , Reischl, U. Gärtner, B. Wilkens, H. , Bals, R. , Herrmann, M. Lepper, P.M , and Becker S.L. (2016) ‘Clinical implications of Mycobacterium chimaera detection in thermo-regulatory devices used for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), Germany, 2015 to 2016’, in Euro Surveillance, p. 6.