TandemHeart Cannula


The TandemHeart cannula range includes the PROTEK Duo, the TandemHeart Transseptal, and the PROTEK17 & PROTEK15 arterial cannula.

The PROTEK Duo is the first percutaneous cannula designed to assist and when required, off load the right ventricle. The cannula can be connected to a centrifugal pump incorporating a flow probe. At blood flows below 3.7 L/min, there is no re-circulation of blood. If required, a long term oxygenator can be placed within the circuit to facilitate lung support as well as right ventricular support.

PROTEK Duo Cannula

The PROTEK17 and PROTEK15 are femoral arterial cannula with centimeter markings to record cannula depth and monitor any changes, along with suture wings for secure attachment to the patient.  It also features a stop ring to prevent over-insertion and dilation of the artery. 

Available in a 17Fr or 15Fr in a 17cm length,  the wire-wound polyurethane construction offers a flexible design with thinner cannula walls to maximise flows with minimal patient trauma.

PROTEK17 and PROTEK15 Cannula

The TandemHeart Transseptal is a 21Fr 62cm or 72cm length cannula with a wire-wound polyurethane design allowing thinner cannula walls to provide flexibility, kink resistance and maximising the inner diameter of the cannula for higher flows. 

The curved distal tip is for optimal placement in the LA, and the three radiopaque disks in the tips provides consistent visualisation under fluoroscopy. Over distention of the left ventricle during ECMO is a possibility. Insertion of the Transseptal cannula from TandemHeart via a atrial septal puncture is an effective means to off load the left ventricle and reduce distention.

TandemHeart Transseptal Cannula