ParaTherm Heater/Cooler

A compact and efficient Heater/Cooler to facilitate patient thermo-regulation.

The ParaTherm’s robust and sleek design is ideally suited for either a permanent site in an Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) or for use as a mobile device in the transportation of patients.

The ParaTherm is a compact and efficient heater/cooler unit.
The ParaTherm Heater/Cooler is CE marked with the intended use in connection with an oxygenator.

A fully ‘closed’ system.

In contrast to larger traditional theatre heater/coolers, the ParaTherm benefits from employing a fully ‘closed’ water circulatory system. “In this type of closed heater cooler, air born transmission of Mycobacterium chimaera could not be demonstrated¹”.

Thermo-electric heating

A further advantage the ParaTherm offers over larger theatre thermo-regulatory devices, is that it provides thermo-electric heating and cooling through non-fluid contact Peltier tiles. This replaces the need for harmful refrigerants or water submerged heating elements which are prone to calcification.

Power Voltage

220-230VAC, 50/60Hz

115VAC, 60Hz

Water Temperature Range 15 – 39°C
Water Capacity 0.5 / 1.0L (min/max)
Pumping Level 5.5lpm
Cooling Time (20-15°C) 5 – 10 minutes
Warming Time (20-37°C) 5 – 10 minutes
Safety Cut off Temperature 41.1 – 41.5°C
Weight (empty) 17kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200 x 290 x 440mm

Features and Benefits of the ParaTherm Heater/Cooler

A wide temperature range allows cooling down to 15°C and heating up to 38°C.

Exceptionally quiet during use, with a working output of approximately 50 dB(A).

A fully ‘closed’ system with Peltier tile technology to reduce the risk of infection.

A service plan* is available to professionally clean and maintain the device.

Valved quick-connect water ports allow quick and safe water line connections.

An extremely safe device with an automatic self-test facility and safety cut-off.
Operated though a simple and intuitive user interface with a backlit digital display panel.

Large and easy access water tank allows easy filling and automatically de-airs.

1) Trudzinski, F.C. , Schlotthauer, U. , Kamp, A. , Hennemann, K , Muellenbach, R.M. , Reischl, U. Gärtner, B. Wilkens, H. , Bals, R. , Herrmann, M. Lepper, P.M , and Becker S.L. (2016) ‘Clinical implications of Mycobacterium chimaera detection in thermo-regulatory devices used for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), Germany, 2015 to 2016’, in Euro Surveillance, p. 6.

*12 months warranty included. Terms and conditions apply – please contact a Sales Manager for more info.