Chalice Medical is a UK-based medical device manufacturer that has been producing single use devices for extra-corporeal bypass surgery since April 2000.


In this time, we are proud to have built a reputation as a quality and reliable provider of products and services throughout the UK and Europe.

Critical elements that have built and maintained our success within the marketplace are:


Dedicated customer relationship managers are positioned to ensure open and clear lines of communication to and from our chosen stakeholders.


Our responsive nature allows us to react quickly to customer requirements, delivering results over and above the highest of expectations.


We use our access to an extensive and diverse network of experienced specialists, to draw on their expertise to help develop and improve our products.

Our Mission is to make positive advancements in the medical treatment of patients, by providing products and services that improve, support and extend life.


Consistency Throughout All

We must aspire to consistently perform even the smallest of tasks perfectly, driving the sum of our output to become the defining standard that our stakeholders deserve.

Consideration of our Decisions

We should encourage the self-evaluation of any decision or course of action we take, and fully consider the influence it has on our colleagues, partners and customers.

Collaboration with Innovation

A team effort empowers a greater degree of dynamic contribution than an individual working alone. Parallel thinking provides an alternative perspective on solving problems.

Our Vision is to have our products used in every operating theatre and intensive treatment or care facility on the planet.

Through collaboration and innovation, we will become a global preferred supplier, making our products and services the most desired in our industry – customers will want to use us and be proud to do so.

Chalice is underpinned and motivated by a single mission, with a set of unfaltering values that guide us towards fulfilling that mission.

Our Vision is a future we collectively strive towards on a daily basis, and our ambition to realise that vision is as big as the rewards in achieving it.

At Chalice, Quality permeates every aspect of our business; from the products we supply to the unmatched customer service that supports them.

Chalice are annually audited by our notified body, BSI to ensure that we continue to comply with all standards and regulations, and as such we hold and maintain the following quality standards:

Ensuring that our products meet the essential requirements of the medical device directive, allows us to CE mark our product range within Europe. This enables that all quality, safety and regulatory requirements are being met.

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Compliance with this standard also allows licence for the ParaTherm heater/cooler for use during extracorporeal bypass procedures.

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Compliance with this medical device specific standard is of paramount importance to Chalice, in achieving our aims to continually improve our systems and processes, ensuring both quality of products and customer satisfaction.

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We are fully certified to this environmental standard ensuring that we continually strive to improve our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of waste generated.

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We also participate in the Medical Industry Accredited (MIA) scheme – click here for more details.

Our International Network

Based in Nottinghamshire in the heart of the UK, Chalice exports its product range to 25 countries around the world, with authorised and exclusive distributors in 10 of those countries.