Sechrist Air/Oxygen Blender

Sechrist blenders allow a precise mixing of air and oxygen for many clinical applications. 

Available in high flow, low flow and even custom configurations for general and specific applications, the simple but effective design results in a lower cost, better reliability and lower maintenance costs then many of its competitors

The CarbonAid® is an innovative carbon dioxide insufflation device.


The precise design of Sechrist mixers provides assurance of oxygen concentration accuracy* within +1% point even in circumstances involving wide variances in supply gas pressures. Pole or wall mounting configurations as well as dual outlet connections are available for most models.

Accuracy* +3%
Maximum Flow 40lpm
Bleed Flow 2.5-4.5lpm @8lpm
FIO2 .21 +0.1 to 1.0 -0.1
Gas Supply Range 50psi + 10psi

The A3500 CP-G Model is specifically designed for use in ECMO and standard bypass applications.

*NOTE: Mixers will maintain the delivered FIO2 within + 1% point of the selected value even with fluctuations in supply pressures. An additional 2% variance may result from the readability of the set point and scale error.

Service and Maintenance

As well as a distributor, Chalice are also the only authorised service agents for the Sechrist 3500 blender in the UK – allowing us to repair, service and re-calibrate units to maintain or further extend a units warranty.

We offer a 24 month service contract on all new units which includes:

  • 2 x 6 monthly service: Visual inspection of the unit and the replacement of both inlet filters.


  • 1 x 12 month service: Visual inspection of the unit, the replacement of both inlet filters and the recalibration of the unit to bring it back within manufacturers original settings.


  • 1 x 24 month service: Complete overhaul of the unit replacing all o-rings, filters, diaphragms, washers and seals and the recalibration of the unit to bring it back within manufacturers original settings.

Terms and conditions apply.

Please contact a sales manager for more details on the cover we can offer.