ParaTherm Heater/Cooler

A portable heater/cooler unit specifically intended for use with oxygenators.

ParaMount Carrier

A chassis to assist with inter-department patient movement while on ECMO.

Gampt Bubble Detector

An essential piece of monitoring equipment for every unit performing bypass heart surgery.

Parallel ECMO Simulator

A customisable and intuitive training device that simulates extra-corporeal related scenarios.

CentriMag® System

Details on the CentriMag™ system and blood pumps for circulatory support.

Sechrist Air/Oxygen Mixer

The Sechrist blender allows a precise mixing of air and oxygen for many clinical applications.

ECLS Trolley System

A manoeuvrable and robust system for situation in an intensive care unit or operating theatre.

Single use

Paragon Oxygenators

Paragon® is the first range of oxygenators to be manufactured in the UK.


CytoSorb is a Cytokine adsorber that is compatible with heart-lung and hemodialysis machines.

Paragon Reservoirs

Paragon® Venous & Cardiotomy Reservoirs are a perfect partner to the Paragon Oxygenators.

ECLS Tubing Packs

Details of our bespoke and fully pre-connected ECLS and ECMO Tubing Packs.

CO2 Insufflation

The CarbonAid® and CarbonMini™ are innovative carbon dioxide insufflation devices.


An essential component to control haemodilution & haematocrit levels during bypass surgery.

Rheopak Coating

Details on Chalice Medical’s proprietary surface coating for Oxygenators and Tubing Packs.

CentriMag® Pumps

Details on the CentriMag™ system and blood pumps for circulatory support.


Liquivent® is a clear perfluorocarbon (PFC) solution for lung lavage.